Road Sweeper

Road Sweeper North Wales

Here at City Skips, we try and embrace as many different hire services as possible that we can deliver so we have decided to cater to you with our new road sweeper capabilities.

Road sweepers help to clear up the mess after a big event, such as an urban festival, a carnival or somewhere with a huge gathering of people. It could take forever to pick up all of the waste by hand and at an excessive cost with the manpower, hence why something simpler like road sweeping vehicles are in high demand.

Primarily, road sweepers are use in a commercial sense to clear public roads, site roads and roadways and are excellent at suppressing dust over time. Water-based solutions help to clean up stubborn mess with there being plenty of sizes available depending on your specifications. City Skips are delighted to be able to offer our very own road sweepers.

After collecting the waste, we are then able to dispose it for you as well thanks to our full license for the job. Some of the contents which are suitable for sweeping include: water; dirt; stones;leaves; litter; road salt; de-icing chemicals and more. If you’re unsure if your surface will work with road sweeping, be sure to ask us first and we’ll be able to guide you through.

Our capable trucks are adept at cleaning out dust and general mess with there being plenty of environments suitable for their application; even in a personal sense. Some people opt for street sweepers in the case that their road becomes clogged up with waste materials and is a great way of giving a new sheen to an otherwise tired looking road.

City Skips are excited to offer our road sweeper services across many parts of North Wales including Rhyl, St Asaph, Prestatyn, Abergele, Denbigh and more. Call us on 01745 582108 or email for any more information.

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